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Aluminum-Roundmasts (Euromasts) for fixed installation


The aluminum telescoping masts are designed for fixed application and they are available from 2,80 m to 22 m height. The masts consist of multi-nested and one side slotted aluminum tubes. These will be pulled out manually to maximum advisable mark. The strong gripper clamps will be arrested non-positive the pulled out tubes. There are two fixed marks for safety. You will be considered the clamping length to set the mast up.

For the aluminum telescopic masts you can available a wide range of accessories for the installation and the mounting of BOS-, mobile radio or private mobile radio antennas.


Aluminium-Teleskopmast (Euromast)

The special features of the aluminum telescopic
masts (Euromasts) at a glance:

  • Simple installation.
  • Low weight.
  • end connection as bushing construction with integrated joint ring
  • A pulled-out mast section can be arbitrarily turned without
    it sinking into the section below it.
  • Rustproof.
  • extendible at all times
  • wide range of accessories available

Technical data:

material: Tubes and bushings of aluminum anticorodal AlMgSi1

mast length:    2.7 - 21.3 m / dependent upon load

nominal diameter: 43/48/55/63/71/80/90/102/116/132/150/170 mm

Weight:        2.8 - 167 kg


You can find a list of the available dimensions on the
following page: Euromasten >

Our company MSL Mechanische Systeme Lehmann is the distribution partner of  Letrona AG / Switzerland in Germany. We distribute their products. The Euromasts are products of Letrona AG / Switzerland.



MSL - Mechanische Systeme Lehmann
Teleskopmast - Manufaktur
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MSL - Mechanische Systeme Lehmann